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For those who are unable to pick up their English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy, Goldendoodle Puppy, or Miniature Poodle Puppy in person we recommend using a flight nanny to transport your puppy.  We do not recommend cargo transportation.

With a flight nanny​, your puppy will fly safely In Cabin under the watchful supervision and care of the nanny. 

Please feel free to ask me about transporting your puppy, as I often act as a flight nanny myself when my own flight schedule permits. 

Flight nanny fees vary depending upon several factors, some of which include: distance, amount of advance notice, layovers, and size of the puppy.  The fee for the Flight Nanny is NOT included with the price of the puppy, and is to be paid directly to the Nanny, not Golden Hour Pups.

Thank you!


Golden Hour Pups also offers a Ground Transportation option for those who are unable to pick up their puppy in person. Please ask us about our options & fees.

Thank you!

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